Benefits of Pilates
The Pilates system of exercises is an effective weight loss and fitness program for people of all ages, sizes, and levels of fitness.Pilates is an exercise program that works with your deepest core muscles to stretch, strengthen, balance, and tone your overall physique without adding bulk or stressing the joints.  You can transform your body with the unique benefits of Pilates.  It develops long lean muscles that are flexible and strong, creating balance throughout the body.  It's a fitness program that is applicable to everyday life and one that can be modified to help attain any sport specific goal.

Below are a just a few of the benefits of Pilates:

*Improved posture
*Helps you lose inches
*Increased core strength and stability
*Longer, leaner muscles
*Improved balance and coordination
*Helps prevent and rehabilitate injuries
*Improves circulation and energy levels
*Heightens body awareness
*Compliments any exercise program and improves athletic performance​.  

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